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Hi Ashli,
Just wanted to let you know that the cake was a big hit! Totally Awesome! You did a great job! My favorite was the top tier with the rosemary and orange flavors. Absolutely delicious!
Stacy Petree
I Wanted to thank everyone again for the thought and time that went into the Elvis cake. It means so much to me that the time and thought was taken to give me something that was so meaningful. I showed it off to my neighbors and they could say was that I must work with great group of people and I agreed.
Thanks again. Have a blessed day.
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Everyone knows that you haven't made it until you have been Simpsonized! Ashli did a great job immortalizing the birthday boy as a Springfield resident. The flavors were fantastic and new. The chocolate curry converted a few people who swear that they don't like curry to asking for seconds and thirds.
Thanks Ashli it was perfect!

I wanted to tell you how much we absolutely LOVED the cake.  It was delicious.  Everyone at the party was amazed at not only how awsome it looked but how good it tasted.  The peanut butter cake was the favorite among everyone.  My husband has informed me we are never buying store cake again and you are our official cake maker for all of our birthdays and functions :-)   Thanks again for the awesome job you did.
I just wanted to say thanks a million ! The cake was perfect,  beautiful and looked amazing. And tasted so very YUMMY ! The cupcakes were out of this world ! !

    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my sons cake.  He loved it!!!! after you left he sat there and watched it to make sure that the other kids didn't take off with his "toys" he would go play and come back and watch it. he had his lunch right next to the cake...no joke!
It was a great hit with everyone, everyone thought it was a toy and kept asking why that toy was in the middle of the table? what was so special about it? you probably should have left us some cards because everyone wanted one.  once we cut it everyone fell in love with your cake, it was so delicious! Daniel smelled his for a while before he actually ate it, he said it smelled soooo gooood.  He knew exactly who the monkey was and recognized every single toy in the box.  It could not have been more personalized than that! but honestly we all loved it and we cant thank you enough for all your hard work, especially last minute and also with the cupcakes. thank you so much for your generosity my family and i greatly appreciate it and we will forever be grateful to you for making such a beautiful cake for our son. we wish you the best in your baking career, you are a great baker and artist may God bless you in all you do always.
Thank you so much,
Daniel Lopez Jr and Family
Loved the cake
Great hit with everyone
Totally Awesome !

Thank you, Thank you very much !
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Randy Robertson
The cake was a hit!  We tried to take some photos before hesitantly and reluctantly cutting it.  It was very good. Thank you.
Hi Ashli!
We know it's been a little while since you've heard from us, but life has been a little crazy since the wedding.
We just wanted to let you know how much we loved the wedding cake you made for us! It was everything we'd hoped for and more! Absolutely beautiful! More people took pictures of the cake than anything else at the wedding. Unfortunately, most of the cake did not get eaten by the guests; too many people didn't want to ruin its appearance by taking a slice. :)  But that didn't stop us from enjoying it for weeks afterwards. It was delicious!
We could not have picked a better person to take care of such a largely creative task. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to a beautiful cake! Your creativity and knowledge of Steampunk were very helpful. We will be using you the next time we need a special cake!
Arisa and Brock
WOW, what an amazing experience Ashli and Icing Smiles provided for my daughter, Alexis (and her sister, Madison) this past Saturday, November 10th.  I was almost speechless when Ashli revealed her cowgirl cake to Alexis for her 5th birthday celebration.  Her work of cake art was amazing!  The cake was the talk of the party!  Alexis loved it!  And not to mention, it tasted wonderful.  Both girls could not wait to take a bite.
    Thanks for all the smiles we got on Saturday and for years to come as we look back on the wonderful memories that were made that day!
Erin, Alexis, Madison, and Rick Rohl