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Cakes By Ashli
Vanilla Ice Cream (delicate vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and white chocolate drizzle)
Chocolate lover  (dark chocolate cake with white chocolate chip filling, milk chocolate ganache and dark chocolate drizzle)
Peanut Butter Cup  (moist chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and milk chocolate drizzle )

Cinnamon Roll Cake  (white cake with cinnamon brown sugar swirls and buttersctoch chips filled with a cinnamon caramel topped with brown sugar crunch and iced with white chocolate buttercream )
Strawberries and Coconut Cream Cake  (light coconut cake with silky coconut stawberry buttercream topped with toasted macadamia nuts.)
Figy Pistachio Cake  (moist yellow cake with finelly chopped pistachios, topped with balsamic fig caramel, silky vanilla buttercream with toasted pistachios sprinkled with pistachio brittle )
Chocolate Exotic   (dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate curry ganache filling and toasted pistachios, iced with coconut ginger buttercream and caramel drizzle. )
Glamorous Gaharam Marsala (Cardamom almond cake with brown sugar peach compote filling and brown sugar gahram marsala buttercream)
Lovely Lavender (lemon cake with lightly scented lavendar buttercream that is colored with a blackberry juice and drizzled with white chocolate)
Black Pearl  (dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate wasabi ganache and topped with a chocolate pearl)
Fall Harvest (pumpkin cake with with golden raisins, maple pecan filling, maple buttercream and cinnamon caramel drizzle)
* Some flavors available without dairy, eggs, nuts or refined sugars
Cakes By Ashli
Cake Flavors

• Basic Cake flavors:
•Lemon  Rosemary
•Almond poppyseed
• Basic buttercream Flavors
•Brown Sugar
• Premium Cake Flavors
•Chai Spice
•Carot Cake
• Champagne
•Almond paste
•Peanut Butter
•Gluten Free
• Premium fillings
•Flavored Caramel
•Strawberry filling
•Raspberry filling
•Lemon filling
•Chocolate Hazelnut
•Macadamia nut
• Premium buttercream
•Ganache (dark, milk, white)
•Irish Cream
Cupcake Flavors